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      • KT-106快干型油性护养剂




      施工方法 适用毛刷或者滚轴等,紧贴石材表面涂刷,使其达到饱和状态,充分渗透不出现斑迹。

      理论耗量 60-200cc/㎡(消耗量会根据石材种类的不同而有所不同)

      固话时间 12-24小时

      施工条件 干燥通风、避免潮湿或雨天施工。


      The protective agent can effectively penetrate the durable protective layer of 9mm fully integrated within the stone pores and stone forming surface without leaving any traces, does not change the color of the stone, the stone does not affect the air permeability, can effectively prevent the infiltration on the lower tide and prevent water intrusion and pollution from the outside. Acid resistance, effectively resist the erosion of the basic ingredients of cement, stone can be limited to prevent water spots quit, salting efflorescence (white China), vomiting and other symptoms of yellowing. The protector has an excellent resistance to aging, UV and weather resistance of more than 15 years, the trial for a variety of light-colored granite.

      Construction Points:

      Construction methods and other suitable brush or roller, brushing against the stone surface to reach the saturation point, does not appear to fully penetrate the stains.

      Theoretical consumption 60 - 200cc / m2 (consumption will vary according to the different types of stone)

      Fixed time 12-24 hours

      Construction conditions dry and ventilated, avoid damp or rainy construction.