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                福建泉州大发手机客户端新材料有限公司Germany Kurt Ke Te 是德国从事有机氟硅材料研究合成的专业机构。对于一些吸水性基材(石材、砖瓦、混凝土),它让氟硅元素的有效成分渗透到基材的空隙(毛细管)中,在基材内部形成一个防护层,表面达到防油效果,同时保持石材的透气性,从而更好的保护石材。此外,防护层还能阻止从石材底部吸收上来的水分,防止石材出现水斑、变色、白华、铁锈等现象。

                Germany Kurt Ke Te is a Germaged engaged in organic fluorine and silicone material studies of mechnism synthesis. For some absorbent base material(stone,brick and tile,Concrete), it make the effective components of fluorine silicon penetration into the substrate gap(capil lary). aprotective layer is formed on the substrate surface inside, to prevene oil Effect of stone,whilemaintaining the permeability,so as to better protect the stone. In addition, the protective layer will also black the absorption of mosture from the bottom upstone, prevebtionCheck the stone water spots, discoloration. Bai Hua, rust and pther phenomena.